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November 18, 2012


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ah i hate to make two ranty-ish journals within the same week or so but i feel this also needs addressing.
that it is, people complaining about the prices of adopts or commissions.
Sure, it's just a design/piece of art - but it's a design/art that somebody has put effort and time into.
that time part is important.
minimum wage in NZ for students/non adults is $10.80 NZD
in america (as far as my googling skills/friends tell me) it's usually around $7.25.
I'm not going to act like i know all about america's job markets or whatever so i'll focus with the NZD example.
For me, an adopt takes around an hour, from start to finish. This of course varies depending on design, extras, etc, but yeah. I usually sell my adopts for around 200-300 points (when not auctioned). that, using dA's conversion system and converting to NZD, is about $3 or $4.
you see where i'm getting here?

the same applies for commissions, except most commissions take multiple hours, even days to complete, and yet people complain about a full body, fully coloured going for $30.
assuming that the piece takes around 6 hours, that is half of what they would earn on a minimum wage job.
for some commissioners/adopt makers, this IS there job, at least temporarily. They're LIVING off what they earn. I don't (i don't even get USD for my adopts, lmao) but i have friends who do live off their art, and this is getting ridiculous.

I'm not even going to go into professional work prices vs internet commissions but rest assured if your commission is of good quality, made with skill and falls under $100, you're getting a bargain.

i guess what i'm saying is, don't complain about people's prices? yeah it sucks not being able to afford a design/art piece you want, but discouraging the artist and forcing them to lower their prices (and potentially their income) is Not A Cool Thing To Do.

plus it's kind of a really rude thing to say in the first place.

so if the artist you really like is offering commissions, don't be a dick and tell them it's too expensive.

EDIT; also read this.… (thanks NadopT for the link!)
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Nekokissa Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Omg thank you! I hate when people say this kinda stuff. It is really rude to say I wont buy it because its to expensive! Well my time is definitely worth the price I put on it. People are basically trying to say that your skillls as an artist arn't worth the money! Its so annoying and rude.
Flashikku Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2012
not to be the bad guy disagreeing,but i neither buy nor sell commissions so id just like to insert my opinion.

>> but if you think about it from the other side (the buyer) it is a tad bit understandable, paying $30 for a digital piece of art, is not a great idea. especially since $30 is quite low for da, so the piece will most likely not be worth so much anyway.
people on da are not usually aware of the value of a dollar. (some not all)
a playstation game runs averagely around $40-50, for a video game. spending that and/or more (mostly more) on a picture seems to be not quite equal. many commissions worth that of real money can easily run into 80+. personally, im not wealthy myself, and spending all that money on artwork seems like a waste, no matter how much im head over heels in love with (in an unhealthy way) i love my ocs, i cant use so much to get a lovely piece of work for them. if i were going to use real money, id consider it once or twice for a lifetime, and i would make sure it was top notch, able to make framework for my wall.

just sharing my opinion. i know artists spend much time on their artwork. much much time. i do know that. im just saying.
and also, i think its unsafe and a generally bad idea of artists to live off their artwork. art is suppose to be fun, they should get a job and do arts on their day offs o-o; not rely on such a thing.. correct me if im wrong on this last fact. just seems like a bad idea.

BUT. dont get me wrong here, im not trying to go against you or troll or something.
peachshark Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
i agree! it's tough for customers, especially on sites like dA which tend to be frequented by younger people, to pay the actual worth of art!!
so we have to come to a middle, which is where most commissioners are now.
you have some really good points uvu
Flashikku Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2012
teh, in a perfect world hm?
and awh thank you ;3
jennerality Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2012   Digital Artist
I don't understand why people complain when they can just NOT BUY the fucking commissions or adopts. I've seen some people ask others for commissions and then complain on their blog or journal or whatever that they haven't paid for their commissions yet because it's too expensive. The price was already written out in the first place, so why waste everyone's time and try and buy stuff that's too much money for you? ugh srsly
PokemonForeverFan Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2012  Student General Artist
Yeah... I mean my friend coms me for 55 points and it seems like I'm sucking their soul or something... and it takes like 4 hours...
Seraphim-Art Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2012  Student General Artist
I don't try and complain. I wouldn't pay more than a certain amount for an adoptable.
that's my choice
I would pay a significantly higher amount for a commission because commissions are worth a significant amount more me.
That's my mindset and my choice, and I have my reasons.
peachshark Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
i'm not saying that having a budget for adopts is a bad thing!! you should be able to spend your money however you like - i'm not here to judge anyone on that!

i'm saying it's rude and disrespectful to tell someone to lower THEIR prices to fit YOU, especially if it's their only source of income
Seraphim-Art Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2012  Student General Artist
I know. It's just my two cents in regards the whole thing. XD;;

I agree. I mean, I don't complain in a sense that I expect someone to lower it? I don't complain to the artist either. I don't think I normally complain about it in a specific sense. I don't like certain things priced over x amount, but I'm not going to say that needs changed to make me happy. If I really want something and I can get it, I know I'll hork out the money, so.

I guess I feel okay pointing out that someone is overcharging for their art. Like, they keep their prices regardless of having like 10 sets of adopts but have only sold 4 or 5. And this is in regards not to popularity but quality of art. And the same can go for commissions. I think that input is good, just as telling someone that they're undercharging is smart. But I know that saying to someone you feel like they're overcharging (even when giving legitimate evidence) can look like you're just complaining too. So. :/ It's a rocky road.
peachshark Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
yeah i agree completely!!
i think though, there's a lot of misconception about undercharging and overcharging;; and that's to do with subjectivity (different things will appeal to different people) and remembering that regardless of percieved quality the artist is still putting time and effort into it!!
but yes, feedback is really good, especially if they're having trouble selling as it is.
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